A journey to war

An living rpg in a universe made of stories from the community. Coming soon.

Tales of the galaxy : A journey to war, puts you in the shoes of Bobby . A single being into a vast expanding universe on the brink of war.

Assembling a crew and discovers the multitude of  stories that compose the universe, exploring dark and strange world.  Changing the course of the history of the galaxy for the better or plunder it to war. The journey Bobby is about to undertake will be a more than a match for his moral and the purpose of his life.

A deep and community based experience, for windows and consoles coming later this year.

Developed and published by Golden sloth studio, A journey to war take the bet of player participation and non-creator bias by making the universe expandable by it’s players, for it’s players. As a whole the community of the game decide of the stories that get incorporated in the games and create the universe around the main story line. Creating the universe as much as exploring it.