A second gameJam

After the first experience of a game jam we only wanted more so we took  another try !

We found the French game jam (French being our mother tongue) we couldn’t not join ! It started on a Friday where we were all busy so we exchanged ideas by  what’s app on what to do and how. Finally we decided to make a fighting game, the players would enter combos which will result in different spells. We fought that a fighting game with only combo (no player movements) would be original enough and simple enough to create. The code checked a list of string which were added when a player click on a touch,and if the string was the same as one of the combo the spell was launched. We were pretty happy with the result (particularly the  music we founded ) but there’s a couples of things we could have done better:

  • When we delivered the game on the itch page, I just had tweaked some things in the U.I, and to do that I had to disable the game over screen. On the release I forgot to enabled it…. Big mistake when players where dead nothing happened. Now we will have check-list before we give anything stupid omission but a big mistake non the less.
  • The game jam was judged only on the respect of the theme. And for a theme as vast as magic everyone “won”. It’s a preference but in the first game jam we were judged on game play,music, respect of the theme, etc..  And we really prefer to have the picture so we can improve better knowing what was our weak points

So yes we liked our second game jam but more the game we made than the jam itself , the first one was definitely better but it’s always good to improve by practicing and have our work criticize .

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